As drivers of EVs ourselves, while out on showings we frequently get questions from clients about the license plates on our electric cars.  Since this is an ever increasing FAQ, I am posting this blog to be shared as a quick ongoing reference that can be easily shared.  Please note, info is current as of January 2024.  I’ll try to update when changes occur, but this list should be a reference only and verified with the vehicle dealer, county tag office, etc.

Licensing Costs for Purchase or Relocation

  • Purchases of new and used vehicles, whether through a dealer/manufacturer or by private party will incur an Ad Valorem Tax at time of sale or at time of registration.  This amount is currently 7% of fair market value as set by the GA Department of Revenue.
  • People relocating to Georgia and bringing a car with them will pay an Ad Valorem Tax when registering their car in Georgia.  Currently 3% of fair market value as determined by GA Department of Revenue
  • Please visit the GA DoR site for more detailed explanation and exemptions.
  • All vehicles are charged a one-time $25 manufacturing fee when getting a new or replacement tag, and an annual $20 tag renewal fee.

Pure Electric (EV) vs Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV)

  • In 2015, Georgia created an Alternative Fuel Vehicle fee to be collected annually at the time of registration renewal to essentially collect “gas taxes” on electric vehicles.
  • The fee increases slightly each year.  For vehicles registered between July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 the fee is $210.87 for non-commercial (personal) and $316.40 for commercial. Annual AFV fees can be found here.
  • EVs are automatically charged this annual fee.  As PHEVs can still use gas, PHEVs are not charged the fee unless the owner opts for an AFV plate.

Benefits of the AFV Plate (Alternative Fuel Vehicle)

  • The AFV plate is available as a specialty plate for drivers of alternative fuel vehicles, including pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. For an additional $35 fee annually, the AFV tag currently provides the following benefits:
    • Single occupant use of the HOV lanes on I-75, I-85, and I-20 INSIDE the I-285 Perimeter.
    • Free use of the I-85 HOT lanes (Peach Pass transponder and account required). The other toll lanes in Georgia are NOT FREE and you will still be charged the posted tolls.
    • Opting into the AFV plate for a PHEV will also mandate the annual $200+ Alternative Fuel Vehicle fee described in the section above (Pure Electric vs Plug-in Hybrid Electric)
  • For more detailed info on the AFV tag visit Electrify Atlanta or the GA Motor Vehicle Division