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What is a high-performance home?

A high-performance home, is a home designed to perform exceptionally well, providing optimal health and comfort for inhabitants, while utilizing minimal energy and water resources. More than just energy efficient, these homes are designed or renovated as a whole home approach.

The design creates a tight envelope, minimizes heat transfer, and maintains superior indoor air quality, all while offering a lower total cost of ownership. High-performance homes are monitored and certified throughout construction, tested and given a HERS rating, and then given a whole home energy efficiency certificate.

In some programs, this rating may be tiered based on overall points awarded, or assigned badges for different features. This certification is important for valuation and sale.

Green Certification Programs in Atlanta

EarthCraft Home

A certification program co-created with SouthFace and Atlanta Home Builders. EarthCraft is common throughout the metro Atlanta area in both new construction and rehabbed homes.

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Energy Star Home

Most are familiar with Energy Star rated appliances, but did you know Energy Star also does whole home ratings? Another common energy efficiency program found in new construction developments and resales around Atlanta.

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A program created by the US Green Building Council, LEED is known around the world as it is often attached to some of the best known commercial developments, along with the tiered rating such as gold or platinum. LEED is more costly and requires additional documentation, so it is less common among residential homes, appearing mostly in the luxury market.View Source

Can Green Certifications add value to my home?

Yes! In order to realize the value when selling or refinancing, you need to utilize green-competent real estate professionals. Homes with energy efficiency certifications, or high-performance homes, often sell quicker and for 3-5% more than comparable homes.

If you are buying or selling a high-performance home, you will need to utilize green-competent real estate agents, appraisers, and possibly lenders, to obtain value. A green-competent real estate agent will not only understand the value of your high-performance home, they have been trained and educated to effectively market and position energy-efficient homes.

Likewise, green-competent appraisers have completed training courses to understand and calculate the value of whole home energy efficiency certifications and will substantiate the corresponding value for your home A green-competent appraiser has to be requested. If selling or buying a high-performance home, your green-competent real estate agent should ensure a green-competent appraiser is required for the transaction. If refinancing, you will have to advocate for yourself, to your lender to utilize a green-competent appraiser. If the lender refuses, choose another lender.