Haunted House Stories: Radon

It’s about what you can’t see…

What’s like a ghost: invisible, dangerous, occurs in both old and new houses, and requires special equipment for detection? Radon.
Radon is an invisible, odorless gas that is dangerous to health. Yet many home buyers do not test for radon during their home purchase. And for those homebuyers that do test, they often do not think about radon again. The problem with relying solely on testing at the time of sale or following the installation of a radon mitigation system is these tests provide just a 48 hour glimpse into radon levels. Radon is impacted by a variety of factors and therefor changes based on season, weather events, activities in the home, aging or failing mitigation system, etc. Regular or constant monitoring is the safest way to ensure your home air quality remains in check. Listen to this story of how we have changed mitigation methods of radon in our own home over the past 6 years. Hopefully this will be of help to you, whether you purchased previously or will soon be in the market.
Do you have a radon story to share? Did you test for radon when you purchased a home?
Interested in how to monitor radon in your home? We use air quality monitors by Airthings. The Wave Plus is a good entry model we have used for the past year, and you can check out our review of Airthings here. The screenshots in the video came from our Airthings Wave Plus.