Selling a Home with Solar

Choosing a real estate agent when selling your home with solar panels.

Before adding solar panels to your home, you did extensive research in advance of making the decision and signing a contract. So why would you hire just any real estate agent to sell your home with solar?

When choosing a real estate agent to sell your home with solar panels, you want to put in the same diligence researching agents as you did when choosing to add solar. 


Common myths from real estate agents about solar:

We hear it all the time, from solar installers to homeowners, too many agents are still repeating outdated information or misinformation about solar.


“Solar does not add value to your home”

“You’re better off removing the panels before listing”

“No buyer wants solar, in fact, solar negatively impacts resale”


Each of these raises their own issues, but we are changing the narrative with this blog post and on the main Solar page of this website. 

If you’re an agent and reading this, please check out education opportunities such as NAR’s Green Designation, and this 3 hour CE on selling homes with solar.


How to pick an agent to sell your home with solar:

When interviewing an agent or agents, pay attention to how the agent responds to selling homes with solar. If they state any of the tired myths listed above, it would be advisable to keep looking. When you find an agent who states solar can add value, you’ll then want to ask about any education, designations, or experience they have selling homes with solar.  Having NAR’s Green Designation can be a good indicator of an agent that has been trained.  To search Green Designees in your area, visit  You’ll then want to further ask them about how they market the benefits of solar and the info about your solar array to potential buyers, and if they have a team of vendors familiar with solar to help close the sale.  The agent’s marketing approach is key to helping the buyer understand the value of solar! Solar is still a small slice of the Georgia real estate market, so knowing and utilizing appraisers, lenders, and closing attorneys with experience is key to a smooth and successful transaction.


Information to provide your agent:

Once you have hired an agent competent in selling homes with solar, you’ll want to provide them with info to market your home’s features.  Beyond the usual info you might provide to an agent for any real estate transaction, you’ll want to provide the following to help them market your solar array and attain value at sale:

1.) Size of system in kW

2.) Age of system and any remaining warranties

3.) Historic electricity production data.  At least 1 year of data is helpful, but provide more if you have it.

4.) Status of any remaining solar loan. Loans will have to be paid off at closing, same as any existing mortgage, loan, or lien.  Again, leased solar does not add value at sale.

Your agent will use this info for both marketing the property, as well as completing the appraisal green addendum when passing this info to the appraiser.


Where Georgia’s residential solar market is headed…

The solar market in Georgia has remained strong, despite being far from a free market. That changed recently in 2019 when the Public Service Commission created a net metering opportunity for Georgia Power customers.  The new net metering program was capped at 5,000 residential and business customers, and quickly filled up in just over 18 months.  This demonstrates Georgians’ strong interest in solar when not disincentivized.  And the future looks even brighter for rooftop solar in Georgia, as we head into 2022 with multiple legislative and regulatory opportunities lined up.  2023 will be when solar is able to expand untethered in the state. Make sure you hire a real estate agent that is competent and prepared for solar in the Georgia real estate market.

If you have questions about buying or selling a home with solar in Georgia, give us a call.  We would love to be your green REALTOR®.

Thinking of selling your home with solar panels? View our About Us page to see what we are doing differently, and follow our tips for finding and choosing a solar-competent real estate agent.