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Atlanta is a leading city in the global sustainability movement, but our local resources are not always readily visible.  That’s why we have created this resources page: to bring our local sustainability resources front and center. 

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Georgia Cities with 100% Renewable Energy Goals

Energy Efficient Building Programs

Solar Associations and Installers

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Green Home Builders

High-performance homes are their core business focus.

Electric Vehicle Resources

Purchase Tesla Products

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Georgia Power Charger Rebate

Get up to $250 rebate on installation of residential charger. *Check expirationVisit Website


Find locations to charge any type of electric vehicle. Also available as an app.Visit Website

Electrify Atlanta

Resources for living with and EV, comparing EV models, and charging solutions.

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Recommended Electric Vehicle Home Chargers

Tesla Wall Connector

This is only for Tesla vehicles.

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Chargepoint Home

This is for all other electric vehicles.

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Waste Diversion


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Center for Hard to Recycle Materials

CHaRM accepts many items including paints, toxic chemicals, styrofoam & more!Visit Website