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Are all electric vehicles equal?

People are increasingly switching to electric vehicles, and with this change come new needs when looking for housing.  While you can find existing housing that already includes EV charging, it is more common that home buyers will install EV charging after the sale. 

There are several variables to consider when choosing a home with EV charging in mind. One should always make sure to use a buyer’s agent that understands the infrastructure as well as the needs of an EV driver.

Electric vehicles, solar, and energy efficient homes are closely intertwined.  No matter which of the three you begin with, almost always, you are led to explore the other two.

Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

If you need to install an EV charging station at your current home or one you will be buying, you are likely wondering the process and cost.

Most newer construction single family homes in the Atlanta area now come pre-wired for EV charging in the garage, with a NEMA 14-50 wall plug in the garage. Just purchase a 240V corded charger and plug it in. The existing homes market now also includes resale homes with EV charging infrastructure. You can search current homes for sale with EV chargers at the top of this page.

Most charging stations or EVSEs cost around $500, while the install cost will vary based on the distance of your parking space from the electrical panel. Most installs cost well under $1,000, with installations close to the panel costing just a few hundred dollars, and longer distances potentially costing much more. There is nothing particularly special about installing an EV charger, and any licensed electrician should be able to handle the job correctly.

Tax credits and utility rebates can also help defer much of the cost. As of 2019, the IRS still allows a 30% tax credit on the total cost of purchasing and installing a residential EVSE (be sure to check with your accountant for current expiration date and eligibility). Georgia Power has also been offering a $250 rebate per installed residential charger. You must be a Georgia Power electric customer to be eligible for their rebate. Check out our Resources page for further information on available rebates.

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So, do you have questions about Electric Vehicles?

If you have any questions about Tesla or electric vehicles, do not hesitate to reach out to me. As an EV driver for 6 years, and a 2 EV household for equally as long, I have been there, done that, and will gladly share what we have learned along the way.

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